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毕业发言Graduation Speech

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  Dear schoolmates,
  As I am graduating, I’d like to write this letter to express my feelings before leaving school. Learning in this school is a very enjoyable and meaningful experience for me. In the past three years, I have understood the pleasure of efforts and challenges, which will be beneficial to my life in the future.
  While I attained a lot during this period, I also regretted wasting much time. With the much pressure on me, I sometimes read some novels in order to relax myself. The novels may relieve me from stress, but I should have focused on study.
  No matter what I did in the past, it is essential to adapt myself to a new and hopeful life. Therefore, I will try my best to face more challenges in the university. I am full of confidence that I’ll get used to it soon.
  Last, I want to give you some advice. Don’t put much pressure on yourselves. Keep in mind: it is not just the results that make it important, but what you have done during the preparations.
  Good luck to all of you!
  Li Hua  
  Dear schoolmates,
  As I am graduating, I’d like to write this letter to express my feelings before leaving school. Looking back to the past three years, I find that I have become more mature. I have been aware of the importance of learning knowledge, which is beneficial to my future. What impressed me a lot is the help that my teachers and parents offered when I was in trouble, which supported me during the period. Moreover, I regretted that I didn’t work harder. From time to time, facing the pressure, I quarreled with my parents, about which I feel sorry and regretful. To live up to my parents’ expectation, I will make my effort to work harder in university. It is no doubt that there will be many challenges waiting for me. However, no matter how difficult it is, I will spare no effort to overcome it.
  When it comes to the suggestion that I can give to you, I hold the belief that in no case should you set aside the study. So far as I’m concerned, it is the determination of working hard that makes you succeed. I wish all of you would realize your dreams.
  Good luck to all of you!
  Li Hua



       Dear schoolmates,
  As I am graduating, I’d like to write this letter to express my feelings before leaving school.Looking back at the last three years of my high school life, I’m very proud that I have gained a lot. Apart from learning much knowledge in different subjects, I also learnt how to be a qualified student or a real person. Due to the help of my teachers, I know the significance of being honest, confident and warm-hearted. I really appreciate the devotion that my teachers paid.
  Despite the achievements I have made, I have pities during my high school life. I think I should have exercised more rather than study all the time. After all, healthy is vital to us all.
  After graduating from high school, I will enter college, a place where I may meet many challenges. I will live in college instead of living at home, which requires me to be independent. How to communicate with students who come from different cities is also a challenge.
  I suggest you studying hard and building a strong body during your high school lives. Only in this way can you achieve more and have a better future.


       Dear schoolmates,
  As I am graduating, I’d like to write this letter to express my feelings before leaving school.I have experienced a lot over the past three years. First, I want to show my thanks to all my teachers. They are very kind and give me a lot of help. I know how to express myself in public, how to feel the beauty of nature and how to smile when I was in trouble. I think these are valuable memories that I will never forget.
  However, I also have some regrets. I failed in an English speech competition, which made me very sad. I wanted to improve myself.
  I will study in a college. It will be a great challenge for me. So, I must study hard now and prepare for the coming College Entrance Examination. I want to be successful.
  Finally, there are some suggestions that I want to offer to you. Study hard and you will have a bright future. Listen carefully to your teachers and parents, and you will succeed in different kinds of exams. Keep fit, or you will not have enough energy to face different types of difficulties. Only in these ways can you enjoy your school lives.


       Dear schoolmates,
  As I am graduating, I’d like to write this letter to express my feelings before leaving school. During the past three years in high school, I have really achieved a lot. Through the study of Chinese, I have a better understanding of the Chinese culture; through the study of Mathematics, I equip myself with a more flexible mind; through the study of English, I grasp a new language. I pretty appreciate what teachers have done for me!
  However, I also have some regrets. I’m so occupied in my study that I spend little time participating in various activities. But I will make up for it in my college life.
  In September this year, I will step into my ideal university. There must be different challenges waiting for me. To tell you the truth, I will have difficulty in adapting to an adult life. Anyway, I will try my best to make it.
  Last but not least, I’d like to give you some suggestions. Firstly, always feel optimistic about your lives and you will be successful. Secondly, make a target and you can study with more concentration. I believe all of you can live your dreams in the end!

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